Wild Simplicity by Design

Wild Simplicity by Design

Design thinking

The Eleven Degrees Africa culture is built on design thinking. This means we rely on our human ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, and to construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional. This is the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which we develop design concepts. Our approach approach employs:

Clarity of vision – To get a clear way-forward, we dedicate ourselves to research. Information gathering is our first step in any job we undertake. We gather data that can expand our knowledge about the client and their needs. This helps us set clear objectives and relevant deliverables for a successful mission.

Wild simplicity – Enthusiastic lucidity is our mode of operation. We also believe that calmness and tranquility in times of pressure is needed especially when the clients-needs need to be met.

Unconventional novelty – Unusual freshness in generating ideas is our strength! We have established a track record that is a break-with-tradition in creativity and innovation. We thrive in learning how to work with our clients to develop sustainable and scalable solutions that are original and ground-breaking.

Choreographed execution – We plan to succeed and we succeed because we plan. A good plan has to be set in motion so as to navigate through any challenges in graceful manner. We pride ourselves with the ability to deliver solutions in a precise yet stylish mastery.

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